D. Roberts, Near East


    Besides choosing one of the three undergraduate majors offered in the department, students must choose (only) one of the emphases listed under the major heading.

    • The Major in Near Eastern Languages and Literatures
      (L&S Major Code 588)
      1. Emphasis in a Modern Language: Arabic, Hebrew, or Persian
      2. Emphasis in an Ancient Language: Egyptology
    • The Major in Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern Art and Archaeology
      (L&S Major Code 5C2)
      1. Emphasis in Ancient Near Eastern Art and Archaeology (L&S Major Code 5C1)
      2. Emphasis in Egyptian Art and Archaeology
    • The Major in Near Eastern Civilizations
      (L&S Major Code 5C1)
      1. Emphasis in Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations
      2. Emphasis in Islamic Civilizations

    Note: NES 10 (Introduction to the Near East) is required for all majors in the Department and must be taken for a letter grade. All courses that are used to meet upper-division major requirements must be at least 3 units and must be taken for a letter grade.

    How to Declare a Major:
    (we recommend that you declare the major as soon as you are eligible)
    1. Review the Course Requirements for Each Major Emphasis.
    2. Meet with the faculty undergraduate advisor.
    3. From the L&S Website, download and fill out the Declaration of Major form.
    Follow the instructions in the form.
    *If you are declaring a double major, you need to submit a Double Major Application Form to the Office of Undergraduate Advising.
    *To change the major, please use the Change of L&S Major form.
    *Please use this link for all other L&S forms and petitions.

    Honors Program
    With the consent of the Undergraduate Advisor and the Thesis Advisor, a student in any of the NES majors with an overall grade point average of 3.3 or higher in all coursework taken at the University, and a grade point average of 3.51 or higher in courses completed in the major, may apply for admission to the honors program for his or her senior year.
                 The student must maintain a GPA of at least 3.3 in all subjects and 3.51 in the major to remain eligible for honors.
    2.             The student must complete and submit an honors thesis of not less than 20 double-spaced, typewritten pages (not including bibliography and supplemental materials), according to the following guidelines:
    a.             No later than the end of the third week of the semester before a student plans to graduate, the student must:  (1) apply to enter the Honors Program (form available from Undergraduate Assistant); (2) submit a thesis proposal; and (3) enroll in 199 Independent Study for that semester. By this time, the student must have a proposal for the thesis, as well as the approval of a thesis supervisor, to accompany the application to the Honors Program.
    b.             To enroll in 199 Independent Study, the student must submit a completed 199 form (available from the Undergraduate Assistant) along with a 1-page thesis proposal, which must be approved by the thesis supervisor, the Undergraduate Advisor, and the Department Chair.
    c.             In the semester in which the student plans to graduate (that is, the semester following that in which 199 Independent Study is taken), the student must enroll in H195 with the thesis advisor as the instructor of record.  To obtain the Course Control Number (CCN) for H195, the student must submit the H195 form (available from the Undergraduate Assistant) no later than the end of the third week of the semester.
    d.             No later than Monday of the 13th week of the semester in which H195 is taken (and in which the student plans to graduate), the student must turn in a final draft of the thesis to be read and evaluated by a two-member committee consisting of the thesis supervisor and another member of the NES faculty, to be chosen at the discretion of the student and the thesis supervisor.

    The thesis must be read and evaluated by both committee members by Monday of the 15th week and deemed to be of at least B+ quality in order to qualify the candidate for graduation with the lowest degree of honors.  Assignment of the distinctions “high honors” and “highest honors” is at the discretion of the evaluating committee.

    Minor Programs
    For students who are majors in other subjects, but who have a strong interest in one of the modern languages or ancient history of the Near East, the Department offers programs leading to a minor in modern Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, or Turkish or Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern Civilizations.
    Please see Course Requirements for the Minors. For the information on how to declare a minor please refer to this page:<http://ls.berkeley.edu/node/546>. After finishing a minor, students are required to submit a Completion of L&S Minor.

    College of Letters and Science Requirements
    All students should be familiar with the College requirements for graduation with the Bachelor of Arts degree, as they are listed in Earning Your Degree, a bulletin of the College of Letters and Science:
    For more details, please see Earning Your Degree, an information of the College of Letters and Science.

    Please note the following deadlines for filing applications for admission for Undergraduate Programs:
    Fall Semester: November 1 through November 30 of the year prior to the year in which admission is sought.
    Spring Semester: July 1 through July 31 of the year prior to the year in which admission is sought.
    For more information, go to<http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/admissions/>.

    Getting Ready for Graduate School

    Step by Step: an undergraduate resource to enrich academic experience and to prepare for graduate school:< http://stepbystep.berkeley.edu/>.