Recording fire damage to the temple walls

The Eastman Kodak Company

Through its generous donation of two DC 3200 digital cameras, the Eastman Kodak Company enabled the El Hibeh team to record the features of the site and the daily developments of its excavation in a fascinating new way.  During the day, numerous photos could be taken of the site and its ongoing excavation.  These images were then immediately available for review and assisted greatly in setting goals for the next day's work.  In the evening, digital images of the day's finds could be quickly captured and joined up with computer data entries, greatly streamlining and accelerating an often time-consuming element of archaeological research.

Most importantly, since the images were saved digitally and uploaded each evening, there was virtually no limit to the number of pictures that could be taken from day to day.  Unburdened by the costly limitations of shooting with film, members of the El Hibeh team were free to record their daily activities down to the smallest details.

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