In addition to her work on the massive town enclosure wall, the team began investigating the mudbrick wall that surrounds the small limestone temple to Amon built by Sheshonq I of Dynasty 22. Presumably the wall that still stands today once served as a temenos wall for the temple, but it is unclear whether this wall is contemporaneous with the temple structure or whether in fact it dates to a later period. Since no stamped mudbricks have been observed in the temenos wall, the date of this structure remains unclear.

A small test trench was excavated at the foot of the mudbrick temenos wall.

In future seasons, the team hopes to continue their work with the mudbrick and mortar of both the town wall and the Sheshonq Temple temenos wall. In addition, they hope to expand their research to other mudbrick walls on the tell.  Perhaps their biggest problem will be which of the many remaining walls to choose from!

A well deserved rest.

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