Faculty directory


Rutie Adler (510-542-8010; 270 Barrows)
Coordinator, Hebrew Language Program; Lecturer in Biblical, Post Biblical and Modern Hebrew, Hebrew linguistics and Israeli culture.

Asad Q. Ahmed (272 Barrows)
Associate Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies. asad.ahmed@berkeley.edu

Wali Ahmadi (510-542-8101; 284 Barrows)
Professor of Persian Literature. ahmadi@berkeley.edu

Hatem Bazian (510-914-6722; 278 Barrows)
Lecturer in Arabic. Arabic language. hatemb@berkeley.edu

Chava Boyarin (510-542-8668; 260 Barrows)
Lecturer in Hebrew. Modern and Biblical Hebrew literature, classics. chava@berkeley.edu

Daniel Boyarin (510-642-8356; 248 Barrows)
Taubman Professor of Talmudic Culture. Cultural studies in Talmud and Midrash;
gender and sexuality; hermeneutics; ancient Judaism and Christianity.

Elsa Elmahdy (288 Barrows)
Coordinator: Arabic Language Program. e.elmahdy@berkeley.edu

John L. Hayes (510-642-6183; 268 Barrows)
Lecturer in Arabic and Comparative Semitics.
Semitic linguistics, Arabic, Akkadian, Sumerian.

Ronald Hendel (276 Barrows)
Dabby Professor of Hebrew Bible.
Ancient Hebrew language, literature, religion and culture.

Chana Kronfeld (246 Barrows)
Professor of Modern Hebrew and Comparative Literature,
Modern Hebrew Literature. Literary theory; Yiddish language and literature, linguistic methods in literary criticism.

Margaret Larkin (274 Barrows)
Professor of Arabic Literature. larkin@berkeley.edu

Rita Lucarelli (266 Barrows)
Assistant Professor of Egyptology. rita.lucarelli@berkeley.edu
Religion of ancient Egypt, ancient Egyptian religious iconography; hieratic magical and funerary texts.

Sanjyot Mehendale (510-542-8455; 294 Barrows)
Lecturer in Near Eastern Archaeology. Central Asia. sanjyotm@berkeley.edu

Laurie Pearce (282 Barrows)
Lecturer in Akkadian. Assyriology, Akkadian, and Cuneiform. lpearce@berkeley.edu

Benjamin Porter (240 Barrows)
Assistant Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology. bwporter@berkeley.edu

Carol Redmount (242 Barrows)
Chair of Near Eastern Studies. Associate Professor of Egyptian Archaeology. redmount@berkeley.edu

Francesca Rochberg (262 Barrows)
Professor of ancient Near Eastern history, history of science with a focus on ancient astronomy and astrology. rochberg@berkeley.edu

Niek Veldhuis (510-542-8262; 280 Barrows)
Professor of Assyriology.
Ancient Mesopotamian languages and cultures.

Jason Vivrette (290 Barrows). vivrette@berkeley.edu
Lecturer in Turkish (Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Turkish)


Lecturers in Arabic

Haitham Mohamed (Beginning Arabic, Intermediate Arabic). hsalaheldin@berkeley.edu

Nawal Laymoun (Beginning Arabic). nlaymoun@gmail.com

Nawar Taleb-Agha (Beginning Arabic). nawarta@gmail.com

Visiting Faculty & Lecturers in Other Fields

Matteo Compareti, Guitty Azarpay Distinguished Visitor in the History of the Arts of Iran and Central Asia. compareti@berkeley.edu

Sabrina Maras, Visiting Assistant Professor. (Dr. Maras received her PhD in ancient Near Eastern art and archaeology from UC Berkeley in 2009, with a special emphasis on Persia and first millennium empires of the ancient Near East.  Her primary research interest is in examining how iconography was used to create identities and manipulate social structure and power in the pre-Hellenistic Near East. Dr. Maras has conducted research at the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute as a member of the Persepolis Fortification Archive Seal Project. She currently also teaches in UC Berkeley's Department of History of Art). maras@berkeley.edu

Manuel Duarte de Oliveira, Visiting Professor (Jewish Thought). moliveira@berkeley.edu

Barbara Richter, Visiting Lecturer (Intermediate Egyptian). richter@berkeley.edu

Reza Ghahramani, Lecturer in Persian. r_ghahramani@yahoo.com

Nathalie Khankan, Lecturer in Modern Arabic Literature. khankan@berkeley.edu

Bahman Solati, Associate Professor, Persian Language and Literature, Fields of research: Medieval Persian Poetry (Hafiz, in particular). bahmansolati@berkeley.edu


Hamid Algar, Professor of Near Eastern Studies and Persian Literature. Islamic culture, religion, philosophy; Sufism and the Qur'an. Ph.D. University of Cambridge. algar@berkeley.edu

Ayla Algar
Lecturer in Turkish. Turkish language and literature, language pedagogy. ayla@berkeley.edu

Robert Alter, Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature.
Hebrew literature, modern and biblical
. altcos@berkeley.edu

Guitty Azarpay, Professor of Near Eastern studies. Near Eastern Art. Ph.D. University of California. azarpay@comcast.net

Wolfgang Heimpel, Professor of Mesopotamian and Sumerian cultures. Ph.D. University of Heidelberg. w1j2h3@berkeley.edu

Anne D.Kilmer, Professor of Assyriology. Akkadian, Mesopotamian culture, literature and music.
Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania. adkilmer@cox.net

David Larkin, Lecturer in Egyptology.

James Monroe, Professor of Classical Arabic Literature. Hispano-Arabic literature, and comparative literature. Ph.D. Harvard University. monroe@berkeley.edu

Jaleh Pirnazar
Lecturer in Persian. Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley.
Modern Iranian history. Persian language and literature, Iranian Cinema.

Martin Schwartz, Professor of Iranian Studies. Pre-Islamic Iranian language, culture and Society; Middle Persian and Iranian philology; Zoroastrianism; Manichaeism, Indo-European, poetics and Semitics. martz@berkeley.edu

Muhammad Siddiq, Professor of Arabic Literature. Comparative Literature.
Arabic and Hebrew literature.

David Stronach, Professor of the Near Eastern art and archaeology. M.A. Cambridge University.
(510-527-8663; 4410 Kains). stronach@berkeley.edu