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    For the Current Semester, the course titles, instructors, schedule and location can be found on the Registrar's online schedule: <>. After choosing the semester, select the "department name" click on "begin search." For the "Department Name," select one of the following: Near Eastern Studies, Arabic, Cuneiform, Egyptian, Hebrew, Iranian, Persian, Semitics, Turkish.

    Courses are listed as Near Eastern Studies (NES) if taught in English. (Exception: NES 190 or 192 courses may be taught in the language listed for the special topic; when this is the case it is noted on the online schedule.) Courses listed under language headings are language courses and assume an appropriate level of knowledge of that language.

    Short Course Descriptions of the entire course offerings of the Department can be found through the Registrar's online General Catalog at:

    Courses that meet Requirements for NES Majors: the list of NES major programs and course requirements is available at:


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    Courses offered during the regular fall and spring semesters may be open to students from other colleges and people in the community, if space is available after UC Berkeley registered students have enrolled.

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