Francesca Rochberg



Assyriology, with a focus on Akkadian scholastic texts of the second and first millennia B.C.E.
History of science, with a focus on Babylonian astronomy and astrology.
Philology, cultural history, and the impact of the philosophy of science on the historiography of ancient science, with a focus on the reception of Babylonian astronomy and astrology into the wider field of history of science.



Akkadian, Mesopotamian history, history of science and religion, ancient astronomy


Fellowships and Honors

2010 Research Professorship Ludwig-Maximilian Universität, München
2008 Member, American Philosophical Society
2007 Member, Princeton, Institute for Advanced Study, School of Historical Studies
2006 Fellow, Magdalen College, Oxford
2004 Fellow, Center for Ideas and Society, University of California, Riverside 
1999 John Frederick Lewis Award for Babylonian Horoscopes (American Philosophical Society, 1998)
1993-94  John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship
1982-1987 John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Fellowship



1. Monographs

1988   Aspects of Babylonian Celestial Divination: The Lunar Eclipse Tablets of Enūma Anu Enlil (Horn: Ferdinand Berger und Söhne, Archiv für Orientforschung Beiheft 22, 1988).

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2009  In the Path of the Moon: Babylonian Celestial Divination and Its Legacy (Leiden and Boston: Brill, in press)

2010 Before Nature, Before God: The Divine Science in Ancient Mesopotamia (in preparation)

2010 The Solar Eclipses of Enūma Anu Enlil: Šamaš Tablets 31-36 (Leiden: NINO, in preparation)

2010 The Old Babylonian Celestial Omen Texts


2. Edited Volumes

1987 (editor) Language, Literature and History: Philological and Historical Studies Presented to Erica Reiner (New Haven, CT: American Oriental Society, American Oriental Series vol. 67, 1987).

2009 (with Kurt Raaflaub), The Adventure of the Human Intellect: Society, Nature, and the Divine in Ancient World Cultures (University of Chicago Press, in preparation)

2010 (with Alan C. Bowen), The Nature and Aim of Prediction in Ancient Science (IRCPS, Gorgias Press, in preparation)

Series Co-Editor with Alan C. Bowen: Interpretatio: Sources and Studies in the History and Philosophy of Classical Science (New York and London: Garland Publishing Inc.)

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3. Articles (since 2004)

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Teukros of Babylon
Petosiris/ Nechepso-Petosiris
Babylonian Astronomy

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