“Introduction to Near Eastern Art and Archaeology”

Lower division undergraduate lecture course covering the ancient Near East from the Neolithic to Alexander the Great.

“Early Mesopotamian Art: 3500-1000 BCE”

Upper division undergraduate and graduate lecture course exploring the arts of the early complex societies of Mesopotamia.

“Later Mesopotamian Art: 1000-330 BCE”

Upper division undergraduate and graduate lecture course exploring the arts of the first millennium BCE Near East: Assyria, Babylonia, and Persia.

“Minoan and Mycenaean Art”

Upper division undergraduate and graduate lecture course exploring the arts of the Bronze Age societies of the Aegean.

“Graduate Seminar in Near Eastern Art”

Topics vary, but have included in the past, Near Eastern Seals, Material Culture and Identity, and Artistic Interconnections.



Cindy Ausec, “Hearing the Prayers of Ptah,” third reader (chair, Carol Redmount, NER)

Felipe Rojas, “Empire of Memories: Anatolian material culture and the imagined past in Hellenistic and Roman Lydia,” outside reader (chair, Crawford Greenwalt, Classics).


Cassibry, Kimberly, “The Allure of Monuments in the Roman Empire: Provincial Perspectives on the Triumphal Arch,” third reader (chair, Chris Hallett, HA)

Foster, Catherine, “Household Archaeology and the Uruk Phenomenon: A Case Study from Kenan Tepe, Turkey,” chair (NES)

Maras, Sabrina, “Iconography, Identity and Inclusion: the Winged Disk and Royal Power During the Reign of Darius the Great,” co-chair with David Stronach (NES)

Shih, Shang-Ying, “Interdisciplinary Approaches to Ancient Egyptian Visual Culture and Visualities: Spectatorship, Gender, Sexuality, and Power,” second reader (chair Carol Redmount, NES, December 2009)


Brown, Brian, “Monumentalizing Identity: Class, Ethnicity and Competition in North Syria and Assyria, 1200-800 BCE,” co-chair with David Stronach.


Javier Alvarez-Mon, “The Arjan Tomb: At the Crossroads between the Elamite and the Persian Empires,” second reader (chair David Stronach).

Alina Ayvazian, “Formation and Definition of Urartian Identity through Visual Media: A Glyptic Study,” second reader (chair David Stronach).

Heidi Saleh, “Changes in Ethnic and Gender Identities under the Libyan Dynasties of

Third Intermediate Period Egypt (ca. 1069-715 BCE): Analyses of Donation and Funerary Stelae,” third reader (chair Carol Redmount).


William Collins, “Cultural Transmission, Exchange and Complex Society in Late Fourth and Early Third Millennium BCE Inland West Syria,” second reader (chair David Stronach), 2005.

in progress:

Dana DePietro, “Southern Levantine Trade in the Late Bronze Age,” chair.

Laurent Dissard, “Archaeology and Nationalism in Turkey,” chair.

Stephanie Langin-Hooper, “Hellenistic Babylonian Terracotta Figurines,” chair.