Professional Activities


2001 –Phoebe Hearst Museum of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley, Curator of Middle Eastern Archaeology

1997 - 1998The Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore, CASVA Curatorial Fellow

1996 - 1997Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Graduate Student Lecturer

1995 - 1996Semitic Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, Graduate Student Researcher

1992 - 1994Harvard University Art Museums, Cambridge, Mellon Foundation Intern


1999, 2000Site Supervisor, Umm el-Marra, Syria: Co-directors, Hans H. Curvers, Instituut voor Prae- en Protohistorie, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and Glenn Schwartz, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland

1991 Excavation Assistant, Göltepe, Turkey: Director, Aslihan Yener, University of Chicago


2005Created a Designated List for Emergency Protection for Iraqi Antiquities for the Cultural Heritage Center of the US State Department.

2004Instructor of Ancient Near Eastern art and museology, USAID-Iraq program in Higher Education and Development, 22 July to 28 August, Amman, Jordan; project director: Professor Elizabeth C. Stone, Stony Brook University. Training program for 55 Iraqi university-affiliated scholars specializing in the archaeology, art, and languages of Iraq.


Archaeological Research Facility, University of California, Berkeley, faculty affiliate

Graduate Group in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology, University of California, Berkeley, faculty affiliate

Center for Middle Eastern Studies, University of California, Berkeley, faculty affiliate


The American Academic Institute in Iraq (formerly, American Association for Research in Baghdad)

American Oriental Society

American Research Center in Egypt

American Schools of Oriental Research, member of Baghdad Committee

Archaeological Institute of America

College Art Association