Replica of Gudea Statue

    The Ancient Near Eastern Seminar Room is located in Barrows 12. It provides a wide range of reference works, text editions and primary sources for the study of the Ancient Near East, including Sumerian, Akkadian, Hittite, Archaeology, and Art History. The room is provided with AirBears wireless access as well as with wired Internet connections; a computer for general use is available.

    A searchable catalogue of the Seminar Room is available at (use the "suggested style" link in the upper left corner). Books and other resources are non-circulating and may not leave the room. The room is used for seminars and small classes and may be reserved for small-scale events (maximum 12) that are related to Ancient Near Eastern studies. A data-projector is available. Graduate students who need access to the room may obtain a key by contacting Niek Veldhuis (

    The Ancient Near Eastern Seminar Room houses two Cuneiform Digital Library (CDL) projects: the Digital Corpus of Cuneiform Lexical Texts (DCCLT) under the directorship of Niek Veldhuis and Hellenistic Babylonian Texts Images and Names (HBTIN) directed by Laurie Pearce.

    Marian Feldman (Ancient Near Eastern Art History);
    John Hayes (Ugaritic);
    Ron Hendel (Hebrew Bible);
    Gary Holland (Hittite);
    Laurie Pearce (Akkadian).
    Benjamin Porter (Near Eastern Archaeology);
    Francesca Rochberg (Akkadian and Babylonian Science);
    Niek Veldhuis (Sumerian);

    Cuneiform Tablet

    Niek Veldhuis (PI)
    Jeremie Peterson (Post Doctoral Researcher)
    John Carnahan (Research Assistant)
    Terri Tanaka (Graduate Student Researcher)

    Laurie Pearce (Director)
    Jay Crisostomo
    (Graduate Student Assistant, 2009)
    Stephanie Langin-Hooper
    (Graduate Student Assistant, 2009)
    Chris Bravo
    (Graduate Student Assistant, 2010)
    Amber Zambelli
    (Graduate Student Assistant, 2010)

    Dr. Francis Joannès, Paris
    Dr. Ronald Wallenfels,
    New Jersey
    Dr. Paola Corò Capitanio, Venice
    Dr. Philippe Clancier,
    Cambridge, UK
    Julien Monerie, Lyon/Paris

    Caption: Exercise Text from the collection of the Hearst Museum of Anthropology, museum number HMA 9-2992. The text contains a brief extract from a bilingual (Sumerian-Akkadian) dictionary used in scribal education.